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Server Set-up error

Several failures in the pipeline can be attributed to failure in server creation, which is done in the sh step. If the Python script fails to run, its likely worth first attempting to delete the server machine, and then re-run your script. After running the script, some of the last few lines of generated output should specify that the user has successfully been added to the MongoDB group, as seen in the below screenshot.

If this isn't seen, likely MongoDB is failing to be set-up properly on the server machine. This can be checked by SSHing into the server machine and then running sudo service mongod status.

Connection refused

If you see a connection refused exit output after running the Python script, this might have to do with incorrect server set_up. While not exactly clear, it is likely worth checking that sh was successfully ran.

Resource exhausted error

If you see a resource exhausted error, usually following no response from process outputs, this might be due to having too large of a dataset. This tutorial recommends keeping the sequence length less than 100 timesteps.