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Navigating the Tutorial

What's Inside This Tutorial

This tutorial offers the following:

  1. A fundamental overview of AutoLFADS, including general theory, a basic overview of the its architecture and its extension for modeling EMG activity.

  2. A fundamental overview of RADICaL, including its innovations for adapting to 2-photon calcium imaging.

  3. A step-by-step tutorial on running AutoLFADS and RADICaL using Google Cloud Platform, on either sample spiking data, EMG data or calcium data, or your own neural population data.

  4. Instructions on analyzing the rates obtained from AutoLFADS or RADICaL.

How to Navigate This Tutorial

  1. The Introduction section includes an overview, general theory of architecture, and a general theory of Google Cloud Platform. This section offers the information necessary to utilize AutoLFADS and RADICaL, although skims over many details.

  2. The First Time Setup section offers a step-by-step tutorial on using Google Cloud Platform to install the architecture of AutoLFADS or RADICaL on GCP. Users are advised to go here first if they are trying to run AutoLFADS or RADICaL for the first time. Estimated time: 45 Minutes.

  3. The Run Model section offers a step-by-step tutorial on using Google Cloud Platform to begin an AutoLFADS or RADICaL run on your dataset after the architecture has been installed. Returning users who have already setup the architecture, or have done a previous run are advised to go here. Estimated time: 2 Hours.

  4. The Analysis section offers a step-by-step tutorial on analyzing the output of AutoLFADS or RADICaL after the user has completed a run. Estimated time: 1.5 hours.

  5. The FAQ answers the most common questions and covers most common mistakes.

Furthermore, there is an 'Additional Information' page at the end of each section, which details extra information or instructions which potentially are helpful for useres.