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Log Files

Log files available after a run contain a variety of information on the run, including hyperparameter evolution, best workers, etc. This section briefly explores how to find and use these files.

Where to find log files

Log files will show up in the bucket you created. Then, enter the runs folder, and navigate to the created pbt_run folder. Inside here, there exist two main types of log files, the first created from the server machine, and the second created from individual worker runs.

Server log files

Immediately inside the pbt_run folder are the log files created by the server. They contain many important information related to overall output of the run.

Important log files include:

best_worker.sofar, which lists the best worker until that point in the run.

best_worker.done, which lists the best overall worker once the run is complete.

decision_log.csv, which shows the result of binary tournament for all workers in all generations. For more information on binary tournament, refer to the binary tournament section.

hp_log.csv, which shows the evolution of HPs across all workers and all generations.

Worker log files

Inside the pbt_run folder, there exist many folders to reach the specific worker in a specific generation, which follow the format gX_WY, or Generation X, Worker Y. For instance, generation 3 worker 4 would have a full named g003_w04. We can navigate inside these specific workers folders to look at a variety of log files related to a specific worker's output.

These files include:

hp_history.csv, a history of the hyper-parameters for that worker (shows the HP evolution for the particular worker)

gradnorms.csv, the norm of the gradient in each epoch in that generation, for the worker

perf_history.csv, the performance history over all completed generations for that particular worker

hyperparameters.txt, the hyperparameters for the worker for that generation

fitlog.csv, the training and validation loss

and various model checkpoint files

Client log files

Client log files log the output from each process, and any errors within the client will be recorded here.

To access these, go to the client_log folder which is inside the run folder. This is available only when the run is over.